Back To Reality

How is it November already!? I feel like October just flew by!! Luckily, I got to spend the last few weeks of October on the road, traveling around the west coast playing music. From performing on a cruise, (sea sickness is NOT a fun thing) to performing at the USO Gala and so much more! I definitely met some amazing people, and had quite the adventure.. especially when I asked the hotel to give me a wake up call, they forgot, and I missed my flight completely. Never a dull moment in my life! But I made it work, and luckily made it to all of my shows on time.

Now back to reality and the chilly weather here in Nashville. People always ask me why I’m not used to the cold since I’m from Canada.. But sometimes there are things you can just never get used to haha. Either way, I’m excited to finally be back here and can’t wait to be back writing and in the studio! I’m hoping to be sharing some new music soon, so definitely make sure to check out my social media for more updates!