Nomination and Updates

Yesterday I found out much to my surprise that I have been nominated for "Female Vocalist of the Year" for the 2018 Tennessee Music Awards!?? What!? Someone should probably pinch me right about now. To everyone who took the time to nominate me, thank you so SO much! You guys are amazing. I wouldn't have gotten nominated without your help! There's a little over ONE WEEK left to vote for your favourite nominee (which you should probably vote for me, just sayin!). So I'll post the link below for where you can vote!  In the meantime, the anticipation will be killing me since the Tennessee Music Awards aren't until October! Ah I wonder if my dog can be my date? If I dress him up in a tux, is that allowed?

As for my health, I'm still in recovery mode. Doctors are continuing to do more tests and such to ensure I don't get worse. So that's always fun considering I'm not a big fan of hospitals or needles. Being sick has never been easy for me, I'm so used to having a million things on the go, let alone singing and playing guitar every other day. But I know my body needs to rest so I can get better as soon as possible.  Thank you all for being so understanding, and just know that I really appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.

Don't forget to vote!! >>>